Monday, July 25, 2011

Up Close & Personal with Hatem Alakeel, Saudi Fashion Designer "Toby"

Breaking the norms, a truly remarkable talent that brings the Arabian heritage paired with an interesting exotic take on fashion promoting the unconventional yet sophisticated & trendy Thobes. Designed with luxury fabrics, exquisite detailing, and impeccable craftsmanship, the unique collection of Toby are of the kind one might wear when making a dramatic entrance.
There is so much to love in Toby’s collections, from classic, trend and home lines, also the Saudi designer behind the brand Hatem Alakeel; a gracious talent with a personality that infuses positivity and energy, confidence and creativity. Here’s my exclusive Up close and Personal interview with Hatem, he answers what haven't been asked before in all honesty and modesty! 
Hatem Alakeel picture & 2nd TOBY boutique in Jeddah designed by Hatem  

Let’s start from the early years. In your youth what were your dreams as a Saudi? Did you have any social/family pressures to specialize in the traditional career path? Did you always think that fashion was what you were going to do
I spent many of my earlier years in Europe and the United States. I always wanted to work in fashion but never realized my abilities as a designer till I started designing my own thobes.

What do you love the most about what you do?
The ability to give people more confidence and turning dreams into reality.
How would you describe your Journey until now?
Hamdillah, I have been blessed and have been able to accomplish a great deal of what I have aspired to do. However, that said, there is still so much more that I would like to accomplish.
Since the Birth of your label Toby by Hatem Alakeel, what has been your most memorable moment?
The applause I got on my 1st fashion during and at the end of the show at Dubai Fashion Week was enticing mixture of excitement, elation and exhilaration.
What obstacles did you face when you first started, having in mind that you re-interpreted the Arabic Thobe? 
There really were no obstacles and even the very few that have arisen only served to empower me and cement my resolve to work harder. Changing perception does not happen over night, however,  I'm happy that I took the chance and saw it through to fruition.
Today, What inspires Hatem?
Family, music, poetry,nature and art.

You are known for your avant garde style! Do you feel that you are so, or yet to unleash your creativity?
There are so many different sides to my personal style and my brand Toby by Hatem Alakeel from classic, sporty to avant garde including my my TJ Toby Junior Line. There still are many storiesk, designs and surprises that will reveal themselves so in essence the best is yet to come
In fashion there are no boundaries, we Arabs embraced all types of fashion and contributed in the stardom of international labels.. Is it vice versa in your opinion? Do you see Westerners wearing “Toby” as a fashion style not only a statement around the world in the future?
It has already started with many of my online Western customers. Toby by Hatem Alakeel has blossomed into quite the fashion statement on red carpets in Europe and the US. I hope to see Toby by Hatem Alakeel worn by fashion forward men all over the globe
Any breaking news ? 
There are many great & wonderful new surprises in store.  A new Junior Line will be launched and a line of shirts.

Any styling advice you would like to share to the Middle Eastern Men & Women?
Always wear what suits your own style. Trends are fun but they should not define what your style is about.

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FYI: Toby is available in TOBY Jeddah boutiques, Saks and Lafayette in Dubai

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Anonymous said...

Very Talented!!! i love the designs and original cuts!

Rana Mouawad said...

Really beautiful designs! Very talented and creative... nice interview, enjoyed it..

Dollz said...

Nice! very inspiring and has lots of finesse and daring feel to it.

Unknown said...

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